Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅰ

Low Temperature Quantum Physics


Professor : Noriaki Kimura
Associate Professor : Yuta Mizukami
Assistant Professor : Noriyuki Kabeya


Low Temperature Quantum Physics Group performs the experimental researches in condensed matter physics at very low temperatures, in high magnetic fields and under high pressures. Besides the developments of new techniques and detection systems under such extreme conditions, synthesis of novel materials and growth of high quality single crystals are other major activities of the group. The following topics are currently under investigation.

  • Magnetic quantum criticality and phase transition of Fermi surface
  • Exotic superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric materials
  • Spin texture on Fermi surface due to parity violation
  • Topological phases and novel quasiparticles in strongly correlated systems
  • Quantum spin system realized in rare-earth-based compounds
  • Electronic states on quasicrystals

The group is also responsible for the operation of Center for Low Temperature Science which supports versatile researches at low temperatures in Tohoku University.

Fig.1 Electron beam welding of tungsten crucible that enables us to grow high melting-point with high vapor-pressure compounds.

Fig. 2 Angle resolved dHvA frequency for a noncentrosymmetric metal capturing the orbital crossing phenomena between split Fermi surfaces.
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