Message from Senior

Massage from Brian O. Beckford

Current affiliation: American Physical Society
Group name which you belonged to:Experimental Nuclear Physics (Strangeness Group)
Brian O. Beckford

  • What did you study and/or research in the Physics Department, Tohoku University?
  • I studied strangeness physics as part of the experimental nuclear physics group. I was a collaborator on experiments that investigated the process of producing strange particles with a real photon.
  • How do you feel after the graduation of this department?
  • My time as a graduate student at Tohoku University was invaluable. The intense research focus coupled with a strong effort placed on frequent conference appearances and publications, has fostered a permanent, deep appreciation, and lasting bond for the department and group members. The experience has profoundly affected and shaped my future career.
  • Could you please tell us how you decided current career?
  • I decided, after much deliberation, to accept an appointment at the American Physical Society (APS), in the department of Education and Diversity, as a means to provide opportunities for students from underrepresented groups in physics, to pursue an advanced education in physics and STEM fields. The position allowed me to contribute to the physics community and still have the flexibility to study fundamental physics. It is my intention to obtain a more academic and research driven appointment in the future.
  • Please write your message to the undergraduate/graduate students and the perspective students who hope to study in the Physics Department, Tohoku University
  • It is my hope that any prospective student that is considering joining the physics department at the Tohoku University fully reflect upon their reasons for wanting to pursue physics. More importantly, hopefully students will come to realize that studying physics may be a path to understanding the universe, a means for challenging ideas, and an open-ended career path. Physics has the potential to lead to many avenues, but it will require time, devotion, and perseverance. These all characteristics employers are seeking. I challenge you all to rise to your potential and step into the unknown.
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