Message from Department Chair

Photo:Akira Ochiai | Professor | Dean, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

Akira Ochiai
Department Chair(2016),
Department of Physics,
Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

 Nature has a large dynamic range in scale;starting from elementary particles in the sub-atomic domain (10-18m), atomic nucleus (10-15m), atoms and molecules (10-10m), cells (10-5m), and living things (1m). Nature then continues to larger scales such as planets (~10+7m), planetary systems (10+13m), and galaxies (10+21m). Out of those wide variety of natural phenomena in the range of about 10^±30m, physics, as a branch of the natural sciences, covers about half of the region in a logarithmic scale.

 Main purpose of the physics is to understand wide variety of phenomena systematically in a unified approach based on few basic principles (interactions). Search for more elementary constituents of the matter has revealed various hierarchical structures such as molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, and elementary particles. Understanding of the elementary particles on the smallest scale has also turned out to be related to the understanding of the beginning of the universe on the largest scale.

 Although the basic interaction is known, systems composed of extremely large number of elements have known to exhibit various phenomena which are difficult to be predicted. It is also the purpose of the physics, in the field of the condensed matter physics, to understand the variety of the materials itself and to create new materials.

 In order to cover wide variety of research fields in physics (particle and nuclear theory, condensed matter theory, experimental nuclear and particle physics, experimental condensed matter physics), the department of physics in the graduate school of science has approximately 160 staff scientists including attached institutes and affiliated research institutions. It is one of the largest physics related institutions in Japan.

 For further development in physics, it is essential to have students with new ideas, curiosity, imagination, in addition to basic knowledge. We are waiting for your participation.

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