Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Nuclear Radiation Physics


Professor : Masatoshi Itoh Atsuki Terakawa
Assistant Professor : Satoshi Adachi


 The nuclear radiation physics group consists of the accelerator research and instrumentation research divisions of the Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center (CYRIC) founded for multi-purpose use of a cyclotron and for handling of high-level radioisotopes. Construction of the new AVF cyclotron with K=130 MeV has been carried out in 1998 school years. In 1999 school year, the beam transport system and experimental facilities such as fast-neutron time-of-flight system, isotope separator equipped with Ge-ball gamma-ray detector, CsI high-energy gamma-ray detector system, etc. have been constructed. Our group studies the characteristic behaviors of nuclei, e.g., nuclear structure and interactions.

 Projects in progress at the accelerator research division are;

  1. search for the new nuclear excitation mode which affects nucleosynthesis in the Universe,
  2. study of the nuclear structure in extreme nuclear excited states, such as the alpha-cluster condensate and the super deformation in light nuclei,
  3. development of the AVF cyclotron for the high-intensity beam and the high-intensity neutron source,
  4. development of ion sources for various kind of the beam.

 At the instrumentation research division, the following studies are performed with the heavy ion beam supplied by the AVF cyclotron at CYRIC and producing the extreme state including Bose-Einstein condensation in the unstable atoms and nucleus ;

  1. search for the permanent electric dipole moment of unstable nuclei with the laser cooled atom to study the fundamental interaction and symmetry,
  2. development of surface ionizer for unstable atom produced by nuclear fusion reaction,
  3. development of the magnetic optical trap (MOT), the dipole optical trap and the laser-cooling systems for unstable nuclei,
  4. development of the ultra-high-sensitivity magnetometer using an alkali atom vapor cell and an optical lattice.

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