Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Accelerator Science


Guest Professor : Michikazu Kinsho


Our group carries out research of nuclear and particle physics with high-intensity proton accelerator and other accelerators.

Study of high-intensity proton accelerator (Michikazu Kinsho)

Fig1: Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex J-PARC (Tokai)

 High intensity proton accelerator complex (J-PARC) is a newly constructed facility to deliver world’s strongest proton beam at Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Tokai, Ibaraki). By using the high intensity proton beam, world-leading researches on nuclear, particle, material and life sciences will be performed. J-PARC consists of three stage accelerators: Linac, rapid-cycle 3-GeV synchrotron (RCS) and 50-GeV synchrotron (MR). Starting from Linac beam test in January 2007, beam acceleration and extraction at MR was successfully performed by May 2008. Beam started to be delivered at neutron/muon facilities (material and life science facility MLF) from December 2008. Furthermore, K meson production (February) and neutrino production (April) were successfully confirmed in 2009. Now we are proceeding research both from hardware and software on technical issues about accelerator components like magnets, RF cavities, understanding of beam instability to achieve the final goal of beam intensity (RCS: 1MW, MR 0.75MW).

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