Condensed Matter Theory

Theoretical Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics


Professor : Toshihiro KawakatsuHP Naokazu Shibata HP
Associate Professor : Nariya Uchida HP Takashi Koretsune HP Joji Nasu HP
Assistant Professor : Wataru Izumida HP Tatsuya Nakajima Takahiro Murashima
Hisatoshi Yokoyama Tuan Hung Nguyen


Research themes of our group.

Theoretical Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group covers a large area of solid state physics and statistical physics, based on the two fundamental frameworks; quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics. Exotic, new and fundamental properties are of interest in highly correlated systems, soft materials, nano-materials, quasi-crystal and so on. Recently, research targets of the condensed mater theory are expanded to quantum information, topology, biomaterial, interdisciplinary region to the elementary particle physics, and general relativity. In addition to analytical approach, we perform numerical calculations for non-equilibrium systems or for electronic systems using sophisticated techniques. Domestic and international collaborations with experimental groups or industries stimulate our activities significantly. Every member of this group is available for discussions on a daily basis, thereby helping students to understand the many aspects of current physics.

The following lists the research subjects for each group member. Further details can be found from the Web, or direct contact with group members can be made by e-mail.

Toshihiro KAWAKATSU:
Theory and simulation on the mesoscopic structures and their dynamics of soft materials such as polymers and surfactants.

Riichiro SAITO:
Solid State Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Electronic properties of Carbon Nanotubes and Atomic-layer materials, Resonant Raman Spectroscopy, Surface Plasmon.

Naokazu SHIBATA:
Theory of strongly correlated electron systems, computer simulations of electronic and structural properties of solid.

Nariya UCHIDA:
collective phenomena and pattern formation in non-equilibrium and biological systems, nonlinear dynamics, synchronization, active matter.

First-principles study and materials design. Especially, phenomena associated with electron-phonon interactions or spin-orbit interactions such as superconductivity, magnetism, and anomalous Hall effect.

Joji NASU:
Theory on phenomena emerging due to strong electron correlations and entanglement between multi-degrees of freedom such as spin and orbital.

Mesoscopic systems, nano-materials, such as carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, nano-mechanics.

Atsushi ONO:
Photoinduced phenomena and ultrafast dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems.

Theoretical study of low-dimensional electron systems in semiconductors, especially, quantum Hall systems.

Polymer physics, rheology, nonequilibrium molecular dynamics, multiscale simulation.

Hisatoshi YOKOYAMA:
Strongly correlated electron systems, especially, on high-temperature superconductivity, conductor-insulator transitions, magnetism, organic conductors, cold-atom systems, etc.

Tuan Hung NGUYEN:
Fundamental theory and simulation of materials intelligence for energy applications; thermoelectrics, solid-state batteries and artificial muscles.

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