Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Ultrafast Spectroscopy


Professor : Shinichiro Iwai HP
Associate Professor : Yohei Kawakami
Assistant Professor : Hirotake Itoh


According to the old Testament, there was light in the beginning (Genesis 1:3). However, drastic innovation of light occurs in the last quarter of a century. Cutting-edge photonics such as a blue-LED, ultra-short pulse laser, frequency-comb, terahertz wave unable us to realized manipulating quantum properties of material for ultrafast device application. From academic points of view, such future ultarfast electronics and ultrafast spintronics are the challenges for understanding non-equilibrium states of quantum-many body system.

In our ultrafast spectroscopy group, photoinduced phase transition(PIPT) and strong field effect sin quantum materials are explored using advance light technologies (such as a control of carrier envelope phase(CEP) of nearly single-cycle 6- fs pulse, attosecond interferometer, intense terahertz light etc… ). Our purpose is to realized petahertz operation of electronics and spintoronics which are 103 -106 times faster than the present GHz devices in strongly correlated materials including organic superconductors, high-temperature superconductors, quantum spin liquid and topological semi-metal. Ultrafast manipulation of spatial inversion symmetry and time -reversal symmetry can open the new path way toward the future attosecond (petahertz technologies).

Fig 1. Strong field effects and attosecond functions in quantum materials

Fig. 2  Ultra-short pulse and CEP technology  
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