Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Ultrafast Spectroscopy


Professor : Shinichiro Iwai HP
Assistant Professor : Hirotake Itoh Yohei Kawakami


Opto-material science attracts much attention because of their potential application to the ultrafast control of the optical/electric/magnetic properties of the materials.
Such ultrafast switching of material properties enables us to access to the new aspects of physics/chemistry in nonequilibrium state and the device applications.
Our research group is aiming at the ultrafast optical/THz manipulations of corrective electron and spin motions in solids by using advance light source such as mono-few optical cycle IR pulss and THz pulse.
The target materials are strongly correlated electron system such as 3d transition metal oxides and organic charge transfer salts. We challenge to create a new field linking between solid state phisics and opyical science by collaborating with various matrial developing groups and theory groups.

(1) Photoinduced phase transition in correlated electron systems
Photoinduced insulatoro to metal transitions and magnetic transitions are investigated by using conventional 100 femtosecond spectroscopy in visible, near- and mid-IR wavelwngth regions for low-dimensional organic salts and transition metal oxides.

(2) Early-stage dynamics of light-matter interactions in 10 fs region
Primary dynamics of photoinduced phase transitions are investigated by using few optical pulse.

(3) Generation of single cycle CEP stabilized pulse and coherent control
Development toward the generation of single-cycle CEP(carrier-envelope phase) stabilized pulse in IR region is performing. We also attenpt to realize coherent control of the photoinduced phase transition using such pulse.

(4) THz spectroscopy of photoinduced phase transtion
Observation of the potoinduced state using optical pump-THz probe spectroscopy. Using broadband THz pulse, the photoinducd metallic state, the photoinduced corrective electronic motion, and photoinduced phonon dynamics are investigated. Moreover, intense THz pulse also enables us to expect efficient change of elecgtronic/magnetic properties.

Optical parametic amprifier (OPA) for generating 10 fs IR pulse.
Electron and lattice oscillation induced by the photoexcitation in organic salts.
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