Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Spin-Related Functional Materials Science


Professor : Yoshinori Onose
Associate Professor : Nii Yoichi
Assistant Professor : Hidetoshi Masuda


Magnets are materials, in which the spin moments show some ordering. The magnets show many interesting physical properties and have potential for applications. In particular, ferromagnets are widely applied to commercial magnets or magnetic storage devices. Recently, it has been turned out that particular patterns of spin ordering and/or crystal structure may induce nontrivial physical properties and useful material functions. For example, transverse helical structure (fig. 1) shows ferroelectricity owing to the relativistic mechanism. In such magnetically induced ferroelectrics, the strong magnetoelectric coupling induces novel magnetoelectric responses and optical properties. On the other hand, two dimensional spin swirling object denoted as skyrmion induce the fictitious magnetic field for electrons due to the topological nature (Fig. 2). As a result, spontaneous Hall effect is induced in skyrmion magnetic texture. This research group studies the emergent physical properties and related material function induced by peculiar magnetic and/or crystal structures.

Fig.1: Transverse helical magnet showing ferroelectricity

 Fig. 2: Topological magnetic texture skyrmions
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