Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Quantum Sensing and Measurement


Visiting Professor : Hiroshi Yamaguchi HP Shinichi Adachi Chiko Otani HP


 As the cooperation with NTT Basic Research Laboratories, we are studying semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum wires and quantum dots. A quantum dot is attractive as an “artificial atom” since its physical properties (charge, spin, etc.) are tunable, thus enabling observation of new quantum phenomena. We are extending our research to quantum dot – quantum wire coupled systems.
 We are also studying ultrasmall force and displacement detection using a small bar called as a cantilever. We have integrated low-dimensional quantum structures to enhance the detection sensitivity. This high-performance sensing technique provides a novel way to study quantum physics in low-dimensional structures.
 RIKEN Advanced Research Institute conducts Terahertz(THz)-wave research and development at Sendai facility. The themes include THz quantum detection by superconductor devices, THz photonics and their applications to various fields.

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