Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Quantum Measurement and Functional Sensing


Visiting Professor : Shinichi Adachi Chiko Otani HP Tatsuaki Tsuruyama


The GroundBIRD telescope for
CMB polarization opservations (Spain)

The world’s most advanced research data is often created using state-of-the-art measurement technologies and instruments, as well as new analytical methodologies, and is evolving dramatically every day. Quantum Measurement and Functional Sensing Group will open up physics and interdisciplinary research fields by novel quantum measurement technology and sensing methods through understanding their physical properties and utilizing them proactively. The group consists of three topics; (1) Photo-induced dynamics research on material structure by time-resolved X-ray measurement, (2) Terahertz/millimeter-wave measurement and sensing by using superconducting devices and terahertz systems, and (3) Biophysical research by utilizing image diagnosis of pathological tissue and cells.

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