Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Quantum Dynamics


Professor : Go Yusa
Assistant Professor : Katsushi Hashimoto


 The semiconductor industry that supports modern life is based on a variety of advanced technologies, including ultra-high quality crystal growth and nano-device fabrication. Taking advantage of this technology, we create devices using ultra-high quality semiconductors and novel functional materials. These devices are the stage on which we conduct experiments to explore the novel physics of solid-state particles and quasi-particles such as electrons, spins, holes, excitons and nuclear spins, revealing the essence of quantum mechanics. Understanding the behavior of such particles aids in explaining the fundamental physics of nature. We aim at implementing quantum cosmology in the laboratory in a toy model which is a theoretically equivalent physical system to the early universe or black holes. In this way we seek to provide a rich playground for verification of quantum cosmology theory by collaborating with researchers from a variety of fields, such as materials science, solid-state experiment and theory, particle theory and cosmology, we are applying our research to a wide frontier of exciting novel questions.

Fig.1 Spacetime diagram of a 1+1D universe

Fig.2 Scanning electron microscopy image of a nano device

Fig.3 Dilution refregerator which provides 10 mili-kelvin temperature and high magnetic field

Fig.4 (Left) Optical microscope image (Right) Real-space and -time image of a fractional quantum Hall state
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