Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Crystal Growth Physics


Professor : Kozo Fujiwara
Associate Professor : Haruhiko Morito
Assistant Professor : Kensaku Maeda Lu-Chung Chuang


Crystal growth is the fundamental phenomenon for the production of industrial materials including semiconductors, metallic alloys, intermetallic compounds, oxide materials, and so on. Usually bulk crystalline materials are grown from a melt, therefore, to understand the crystal growth mechanisms at a crystal/melt interface is significant. Our research targets are understanding of fundamental crystal growth mechanisms and development of crystal growth technology for obtaining high-quality materials.

One of the most important subjects of our group is to solve the energy problem in the world through researches on the crystal growth. We have developed an in situ observation system consisting of a furnace and a microscope for observing a crystal/melt interface of materials with high melting temperatures. Especially, we have been focusing on observations of melt growth phenomena of Si, such as interface instability, dendrite growth, grain growth, impurity segrigation, and grain boundary groove. Based on those fundamental studies of crystal growth mechanisms, we have developed a crystal growth technology for obtaining high-quality multicrystalline Si (mc-Si) ingots for solar cells.

We promote the crystal growth researches in collaboration with domestic and foreign research organizations and companies.

In situ observation system and crystal/melt interface of Si

Casting furnace and mc-Si ingot for solar cells
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