Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅰ

Low-Dimensional Quantum Physics


Associate Professor : Hiroshi Matsui


Our group investigates electrodynamics of water molecules, protons, electrons, ions, biological molecules confined in various types of nanospaces such as one-dimensional channels, two-dimensional narrow spaces and cage spaces. The electrodynamics is an interdisciplinary subject associated with biochemistry, medical and environmental science and energy problems, etc. Now we focus on the following subjects.

  • 1) Proton conduction through water networks confined in the nanopore, and the dielectric properties of ions and biological molecules encapsulated in the water network.
  • 2) Novel organic compounds with Rhenium ions and strong hydrogen bonds, indicating proton coupled electron transfer phenomena.
  • 3) Proton tunneling in silicate compounds.
  • 4) Proton conduction in proton doped DNA and collagen to develop biological fuel cells.

Experimental techniques in our group

  • 1) Low frequency conductivity and dielectric measurements (20 Hz ∼ 3 GHz) are performed by LCR meter, impedance analyzer and network analyzer together with homemade prober system.
  • 2) Microwave conductivity measurements (10 ∼ 100 GHz) based on a cavity perturbation method.
  • 3) Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (0.3 ∼ 3 THz)
  • 4) Infrared spectrometer (100 ∼ 7800 cm¹) equipped with a Cassegrain microscope.
  • 5) Raman spectrometer equipped with a microscope.
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