Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅰ

High Magnetic Field Condensed Matter


Professor : Hiroyuki Nojiri
Associate Professor : Motoi Kimata
Assistant Professor : Iwao Mogi Takumi Kihara


 We have investigated a variety of physical phenomena of condensed matters in strong magnetic fields. One of main subjects is the quantum magnetism in nano-scale molecular complex clusters. The discreteness of the energy levels of those clusters leads to the novel non-equilibrium dynamics such as non-trivial quantum oscillation. To realize such condition, we are employing magnetic fields with controlled time structure. It is an effective way to control a coherence of wave function during the manipulation of spin. As materials, we have studied compounds having novel topologies, such as spin triangle, spin polyhedron and spin tube, which are not realized in regular lattice. Possible novel properties in the systems without translational symmetry can be a developing field in nano-scale magnetism.

 Various types of instruments for advanced spin spectroscopy have been developed in our group, such as THz-electron spin resonance, high fields X-ray scattering and neutron scattering. Unique spectrometers such as magneto-spectrometer by using a free electron laser and high magnetic field Raman spectrometer are under construction. Our group has the global activities in the field of nano-scale magnetism and in high magnetic field research on condensed matters.

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