Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Solid State Photophysics


Professor : Fumihiro Kaneda Masayuki Yoshizawa HP
Associate Professor : Masakazu Matsubara HP Satoshi Tomita HP
Assistant Professor : Seigo Ohno


Solid state photo-physics is one of the fields in solid state physics, where various physical phenomena on light-matter interaction are the subject of research. In our lab we shed light on materials with characteristic structures, aiming at discovery and elucidation of novel phenomena based on the structure and exploration of their functions.

1) Photonic crystals and metamaterials:

By engraving artificial structures into the material, it is possible to realize new materials having novel properties that are not found in nature. Negative refractive index is one of the astonishing examples.
We are interested in these structures where light-matter interaction is designed artificially and explore this new field of research with three steps: design based on numerical calculation, sample fabrication and optical measurement. Especially we pay attention to nonlinear optical response, novel magneto-optics, nearfield optical response, negative refractive index and topological nature of specially designed structures. These works are carried out with domestic as well as international collaborations.

2) Ultrafast phenomena in conjugated π-electron systems:

Conjugated π-electron systems have large varieties and their large and ultrafast optical nonlinearities are very important in application to optical devices. The ultrafast dynamics are investigated by using femtosecond absorption, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopies excited by multi and tunable pump pulses. The target materials are light-harvesting complex systems in photosynthesis and single-walled carbon nanotubes encapsulating molecules.

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