Condensed Matter Experiment Ⅱ

Solid State Ion Physics


Professor : Junichi Kawamura
Associate Professor : Naoaki Kuwata
Assistant Professor : Junichi Takahashi


Materials science of thin-film lithium battery.

 Our group is working mainly on solid state ionic materials to understand physics of ion dynamics in maters. Local structures and electronic structures of disordered materials are studied through interaction between light and materials by optical absorption, light emission and scattering. Especially, ”Superionic conductor”, which is a typical disordered solid state material with ionic mobility even as high as in liquid, is studied.

  1. (1) Development of high-resolution spectroscopy such as site selective spectroscopy and hole burning spectroscopy: Study on local structure in superionic conductors.
  2. (2) Development of non-linear spectroscopy using femto-second laser: Direct observation of ionic motion in materials.
  3. (3) Optical absorption /reflection and photoemission spectroscopy in vacuum ultraviolet region: Study on electronic band of superionic conductors.
  4. Development of light scattering spectroscopy in low frequency region: Study on interaction between low energy excitation and ionic motion in solids.
  5. (5) Synthesis of superionic superlattice using laser ablation method: Study on fast ion dynamics in superionic superlattice.

NMR imaging of lithium-ion battery.
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